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Research on Piano Accompaniment Function and Accompaniment Accomplishment in Vocal Music Singing Based on Flip Class

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.094


Liu Xueying

Corresponding Author

Liu Xueying


Using piano to accompany vocal music can better express the inner meaning of songs, help music to shape its image, and help singers to find appropriate emotions. Therefore, the role of piano accompaniment cannot be ignored. The piano accompanist should use very heavy playing skills to show the artistic conception of music works, which requires the piano player to listen carefully to the original playing. According to the meaning and atmosphere of the lyrics. The main links in the turn-over class are: cooperative inquiry, doubt-clearing and expansion, practice consolidation, independent error correction and reflection and summary. Cultural accomplishment has a high level, which is the pursuit of piano accompaniment practitioners. In this paper, the use of flip classroom teaching mode is helpful to reflect the characteristics of practical courses, to maximize the autonomy of the accompanist, and to truly cultivate the practical cooperation ability of the accompanist.


Turn over the classroom, Piano accompaniment, Accomplishment of accompanist