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Discussion on Diversified Teaching Methods of Medical Statistics Based on Constructivism

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.092


Yuan Zhang, Zheng Fu, Lihong Zhang

Corresponding Author

Lihong Zhang


Medical statistics is an important compulsory course for medical students, and it is also an important tool for medical workers to correctly understand the objective laws of medicine and its related fields, sum up work experience, and carry out medical research and disease prevention and control work. Traditional teaching methods are mainly classroom teaching and experimental teaching, lack of interaction between teachers and students, and students are mainly passive in accepting knowledge. Traditional teaching holds that knowledge can be transmitted to learners through language and other means. Constructivists believe that knowledge is not acquired through teachers. Constructivism emphasizes students' active exploration of knowledge, active discovery and active construction of the meaning of the learned knowledge. Based on the reform of medical statistics practice teaching, this paper explores a new mode of diversified medical statistics practice teaching based on constructivism.


Constructivism, Medical statistics, Diversified teaching