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Research on Micro-Classroom Teaching Reform of Anime Character Design

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.090


Jingtao Cui

Corresponding Author

Jingtao Cui


Character design is the soul of an animation work, and its status is equivalent to the selection of movie actors. At present, most colleges and universities offer animation majors, but there are many problems in the animation character design courses for animation majors, such as students' low awareness of animation characters, less enthusiasm for class, and lower level of works. After investigating related industry companies, the author believes that at present, animation companies have a large demand for talents in pre-animation design (including character design). Therefore, teachers should make a reasonable teaching plan based on this. Teachers should introduce practical cases in teaching, introduce real projects in the corporate industry into the classroom, and improve the assessment system, which can improve students' practical ability and thus provide excellent talents for the industry.


Micro-classroom, Teaching reform, Anime character design