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Research on Teachers' Sharing Mechanism Based on the Integration of Industry and Education

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.088


Linshu Wang

Corresponding Author

Linshu Wang


Deepening the integration of production and education and earnestly promoting school-enterprise cooperation are the basic principles of the current national education reform and human resource development. In order to promote the collaborative education of production and education, and strengthen the construction of a faculty team that integrates production and education, the article based on the investigation and analysis of the school-enterprise cooperation between the school and the enterprise, indicates that the school and the enterprise have a significant willingness to participate in school-enterprise cooperation projects. The difference in the school ’s enthusiasm for participation is higher than that of the enterprise. The two issues of structure, quality, and level in terms of talent training, supply side, and industry demand side still exist. The integration of production and education teachers needs a comprehensive and systematic policy. Supply needs more detailed and comprehensive incentives and management guarantees.


Industry-education integration, School-enterprise cooperation, Teacher sharing