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Research on the Application of Online Open Course Construction and Information Teaching Reform Based on Macroeconomics

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.068


Wang Bing

Corresponding Author

Wang Bing


With the development of our country's economy and the promotion of science and technology, we are stepping into the information age. Higher education has encountered many challenges while gaining opportunities. The construction of online open courses can meet all the needs of “internet plus” education in the new era. Based on the characteristics of online open curriculum and its influence on macroeconomics teachers' teaching skills and teaching forms, the current direction of macroeconomics teaching reform includes following closely the pace of national educational innovation and development, and actively creating a supporting online open curriculum operation management system. Based on the new online open teaching concept of “open sharing, innovative collaboration”, a teacher-led and student-centered teaching process is realized. Online courses are in line with “internet plus” education. This paper analyzes the shortcomings of information-based reform in colleges and universities and puts forward constructive strategies in order to help colleges and universities make full use of online courses to enrich students' learning content and help colleges and universities promote information-based teaching reform.


Macroeconomics, Online open courses, Information teaching, Reform