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The Practice Research of “Two-Subject, Two-Stage” Training of Nursing Personnels in Higher Vocational Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.065


Liu Yan, Chen Yunmei, Chen Yijie, Jiang Meilian

Corresponding Author

Liu Yan


[Objective] To explore the effective way of training higher vocational nursing personnels by cooperation between schools and hospitals. [Method] The school and the hospital signed a cooperative school-running agreement, and the students completed their study, noviciate and internship in the school and the hospital respectively and sectionally. Through student evaluation of teaching, students’ curriculum perfromance, the third party assessment of nursing skills, part-time teachers interview, industry evaluation and other methods to evaluate the effect of “two-subject, two-stage” nursing personnels training. [Results] The students’ satisfaction about teaching and the third-party assessment results of nursing technology operation of the students in the cooperative education class were significant better than the normal class in school. And the job adaptability,nursing operation ability,professional attitude and interpersonal communication ability of the students in the cooperative education class are obviously superior to the other students during the same period. [Discussion] The “two-subject, two-stage”training mode of higher vocational nursing personnels which is an effective form of vocational nursing personnel training not only makes the course teaching connect with clinical posts and meet the needs of the industry, improves students’ nursing practice abilities and comprehensive professinal qualities but also promotes the development of both sides of the college and the hospital.


Cooperation colleges, Dual subjects, Nursing personnel training