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Cognitive Psychology Research on Second Language Acquisition and Foreign Language Teaching Based on Individual Differences

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.062


Xu Feixue

Corresponding Author

Xu Feixue


In the process of foreign language learning, different cognitive styles of learners will affect the effect of foreign language learning. With the development of economic globalization, people have more and more opportunities to use foreign languages in their daily work and life. The study of second language acquisition can start with psycholinguistics and cognitive linguistics. The research results of cognitive psychology and language acquisition have inspired foreign language teaching and provided theoretical basis and testing standards for foreign language teaching. Under the guidance of cognitive learning theory, foreign language teaching promotes teachers to study the internal psychological process of learning a foreign language, which is conducive to the cultivation of creative thinking of learning subjects and their ability to consciously use excellent strategies for self-study. Based on the theory of cognitive psychology, this paper discusses the relationship between cognitive style and foreign language learning, from which we can get some enlightenment related to foreign language teaching and its role in foreign language learning.


Cognitive style, Cognitive psychology, Individual difference