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Research on Establishment and Implementation of Primary School English Reading Teaching Content System Based on Core Literacy

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.061


Wu Linyun, Gu Guannan

Corresponding Author

Wu Linyun


As far as English is concerned, the most fundamental starting point is communication, and the best time to learn a language is in primary school. Therefore, teachers need to firmly grasp the students' greatest development advantages at this stage and guide teaching. Modern English reading teaching is a kind of teaching centered on the improvement of core literacy. For the teaching of English reading, teachers should be able to base themselves on their own teaching practice and gradually sum up more effective methods so as to improve students' core qualities. Primary school English reading is a kind of learning and Enlightenment activity for students when they are in initial contact with foreign languages. From the perspective of teaching practice and related research, reading teaching and research are outstanding in middle schools and universities, but rarely involved in primary schools. This paper takes English reading teaching in primary schools as the research object and explores the core literacy idea throughout the English reading teaching process to promote the establishment and implementation of the teaching content system.


English reading, Core accomplishment, Content system, Teaching strategy