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Research on the Integrated Training System of College Students' Entrepreneurship and Employment Based on the Perspective of Entrepreneurial Willingness

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.056


Zhang He

Corresponding Author

Zhang He


With the country's economic development entering the new normal, college students are also facing huge difficulties in employment and entrepreneurship. The disadvantages hidden behind the traditional employment education have emerged one by one, and can no longer meet the social demand for talents, and the “supply-side” reform of higher education is imminent. In the supply-side reform, colleges and universities that have cultivated talents must start from the education path to build a diversified resource-sharing platform and entrepreneurial base, which can effectively enhance the ability of college students to gain employment and start their own businesses. For college students, the supply-side reform of higher education is both an opportunity and a challenge. This article starts with the introduction of employability and analyzes the perspective of college students 'entrepreneurial willingness in the current environment, so as to broadly cooperate with the industry and the business community, with the aim of putting forward relevant suggestions and effectively improving college students' employability.


Entrepreneurial willingness, College students' entrepreneurial ability, Entrepreneurial education path