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Research on the Implementation of Information-Based Teaching in Medical Education

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.055


Zhou Zhirun

Corresponding Author

Zhou Zhirun


The implementation of information-based teaching in medical teaching has gone through many years, and the problems of scientificity, sufficiency and comprehensiveness in teaching have gradually exposed, which seriously affect the quality of information-based teaching, research progress and teaching achievements in medical education. In this regard, in view of the advantages of network multimedia information technology, combined with the application concept of modern teaching technology, teaching conditions and methods. The organic combination of advanced medical education technology and diversified information technology teaching technology, while promoting information technology teaching reform, can provide reform and development opportunities for the implementation of medical education under the operation of its mechanism. From the perspective of information-based teaching, this article explores its impact on medical education, grasps the disciplinary characteristics of the medical specialty, and avoids repetitive, mechanical, and unitary instructional design. Attach importance to the organic integration between the teaching plan and the professional nature, and then put forward the innovative development direction and improvement strategies of informatization teaching in medical education.


Information teaching, Medical education, New curriculum reform