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The Significance of Mongolian Skin Carving Art to the Art Education of Inner Mongolia Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.054


Wu Yun

Corresponding Author

Wu Yun


With the continuous development of Chinese traditional culture in recent years, various kinds of folk traditional handicrafts have attracted more and more attention, and have been applied in the art education of colleges and universities tentatively. As one of the traditional Mongolian handicrafts, Mongolian leather carving art provides a new direction for the innovation of art education in Colleges and universities in Inner Mongolia. To this end, this article briefly introduces the Mongolian skin carving art, and analyzes the application value and significance of Mongolian skin carving art in art education. Finally, some feasible suggestions are put forward for the application of Mongolian leather carving arts in the art courses of universities in Inner Mongolia.


Leather carving art, Mongolian nationality, University, Art education