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On the Cultivation of Artisans' Spirit in Higher Vocational Education

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.051


Qian Liyun

Corresponding Author

Qian Liyun


Under the background of Chinese economic development, the country has conducted in-depth research on the innovation-driven development strategy. Various industries have reformed and innovated from a “manufacturing” to a “creative” direction. Therefore, new requirements have been put forward for vocational education. Cultivating “craftsman spirit” is the main cultural concept of modern vocational education. The difference between vocational education and general education is that it mainly trains applied talents, and “craftsman spirit” as an excellent moral culture in vocational education is indispensable in talent training. The cultivation of craftsman spirit should start from the student age, run through the whole stage of students' learning, combine the characteristics of colleges and enterprises to jointly cultivate, realize win-win situation for both sides, and play an important role of craftsman spirit.


Vocational education, Craftsman spirit, Ways of cultivation