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The Construction and Research of Network Teaching Platform Resources of Advanced Mathematics

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.050


Xiaoxue Nan

Corresponding Author

Xiaoxue Nan


With the rapid development of information technology, “Internet + edu cation” has gradually become an important means of modern classroom teaching. In the process of college higher mathematics classroom teaching, through the use of network teaching platform education platform to achieve teaching, not only can break the limitations of the traditional classroom. Moreover, it can provide more personalized and interesting training programs for the majority of students, and enhance the motivation of students' learning. This paper analyzes the advanced mathematics teaching model based on the network teaching platform, and details the advantages of the network teaching platform model and the teaching model. This paper also clarifies the important role of the network teaching platform in higher mathematics teaching, and proposes corresponding countermeasures to ensure the quality and level of higher mathematics classroom teaching.


Network teaching platform, Advanced mathematics, Teaching mode