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Study on the Problems, Causes and Countermeasures of Kindergarten Family Education Guidance

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.045


Xiongwei Guo

Corresponding Author

Xiongwei Guo


The work of kindergarten parents is one of the important contents of kindergarten management. It is also a prominent problem in the practice of kindergarten education reform in recent years. The changes in its functions and forms are attracting more attention. It has been recognized that early childhood education should not be regarded simply as kindergarten education, and that family education for young children should also be an important part of early childhood education. In order for kindergartens to achieve the expected educational results, they must have the support and cooperation of parents. Good parent work can effectively establish home relationships, promote the healthy growth of young children, and benefit the survival and development of kindergartens. Kindergartens should correctly understand and handle the relationship between kindergartens and families, kindergarten teachers and parents, effectively improve the home-schooling awareness of teachers and parents, and carry out effective parent work smoothly to build a more beneficial platform for the healthy growth of children.


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