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Research on the Construction and Practice of Music Classroom for Ideological and Political Course in Higher Vocational Colleges with Students' Development as the Core

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.043


Han Xiangwei

Corresponding Author

Han Xiangwei


Higher vocational students mainly come from the group of students with lower scores in the college entrance examination. Their learning ability is deficient and their habits are not good. However, there are also many problems in the current situation of ideological and political teaching in higher vocational colleges. Through systematic teaching, ideological and political lessons enable students to initially establish a correct outlook on life and world outlook, laying a good ideological foundation for students' healthy growth and success in the future. How to construct a classroom teaching atmosphere in which students actively participate and actively learn is an important task to explore the teaching reform of classroom effectiveness. With the development of society, students become the main body of teaching activities, which is the inevitable trend of teaching reform at this stage. In this context, this paper attempts to analyze the main role of students in Ideological and political education from the perspective of teachers. Teachers should always be based on the democratic, loose and harmonious relationship between teachers and students, and use the emotion of respect and equality to infect students.


Ideological and political courses, Teaching reform, Music class