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Research on the Ideological and Political Education of College Students under the Concept of Lide Shuren

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.038


Li Zhigang, Bian Meina

Corresponding Author

Bian Meina


Contemporary college students are the future of the motherland, but also the hope of the nation. They shoulder the important task of taking off in China. Can we say that the healthy growth of college students is closely related to the fate of the party and the country? However, at present, there is a common level of cognition and morality among college students in China. Low? Problems such as incorrect values, they are easily affected by many bad information and ideas. In this case, it is necessary for colleges and universities to implement ideological and political education for college students, and at the same time always adhere to the idea of ethics, and help college students to correct wrong ideas. To enhance the ideological and moral qualities of the college student group so that college students can form the correct values and worldview? This article first analyzes the problems of college students themselves and the significance of the idea of the Lideshuren to the ideological and political education of the university students, and then studies the Lideshuren The countermeasures of ideological and political education for college students under the concept?


Lideshuren, College students, Ideological and political education, Strategy