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Research on Evaluation of Literary Text Reading Ability Based on Core Literacy

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.026


Huimin Yao, Baojing Duan, Haiyan Wang

Corresponding Author

Huimin Yao


Reading ability is an explicit form of core literacy. Understanding students' core literacy development needs to start with reading ability evaluation. Teaching evaluation, as an important part of high school Chinese reading teaching, refers to a comprehensive inspection and value judgment of the reading volume and reading ability of the evaluation target, which is intended to implement the teaching goals of the Chinese subject and improve students' core Chinese literacy. This thesis tries to study the evaluation of reading teaching in the perspective of the core literacy of the Chinese language. Through research methods such as literature research method, questionnaire survey method and classroom observation method to diagnose the shortcomings of current reading teaching evaluation, and propose corresponding Improving suggestions to make reading teaching evaluation better serve the cultivation of students' core Chinese literacy is the direction and goal of this research effort.


Evaluation, Literary text reading ability, Core literacy