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Research on the Construction of Primary School Educational Practice Teaching System Based on Teachers' Professional Certification Standards

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.024


Jing Xie

Corresponding Author

Jing Xie


The establishment of the undergraduate major in primary school education in normal colleges is in line with the development trend of international primary school teacher education and the urgent need for high-quality professional primary school teachers in the reform of the basic education curriculum in China. Aiming at the lack of professional sentiment and skills of undergraduate teachers, the reform of its practical teaching system is imperative. Taking the training of general undergraduate elementary school teachers as an example, it is necessary to construct a new undergraduate practical teaching system for primary education majors, which includes three complete parts of the target system, content system and guarantee system; and further elaborates the whole process of this new type of practical teaching system. Design, full openness and comprehensive training.


Construction, Primary school, Educational practice teaching system, Teachers' professional certification standards