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Analysis of Physiology Curriculum Integration and Teaching Reform in Higher Vocational Colleges under the Mode of Precision Medicine

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.023


Jianrong Zhao

Corresponding Author

Jianrong Zhao


This article mainly focuses on the characteristics of precision medicine and conducts detailed research and exploration of the objective requirements of the doctor's structure under the precision medicine model. In addition to the traditional medical knowledge structure, new elements of the structure model need to be supplemented, including bioinformatics Medical informatics, data technology and other related content. In order to fundamentally improve the teaching reform of the physiology course under the model of precision medicine, it needs to be promoted. The combination of traditional physiology and physiology and medicine course content, using data technology to innovate teaching methods, train high-quality and high-level doctors, and achieve precision medicine in real life.


Precision medicine, Physiology course, Teaching reform