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Research on International Talents Training Mode of Applied Clothing Performance Specialty

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.020


Lyu Bo

Corresponding Author

Lyu Bo


Clothing performance as an art form is not only a means of clothing sales, but also a very important cultural phenomenon in today's society. Under the influence of economic and cultural globalization, China's clothing performance industry has become more internationalized, professional and diversified. Training application-oriented talents, as the main task of undergraduate education for the major of costume performance in colleges and universities, bears the heavy responsibility of knowledge education in the process of transforming scientific research theoretical achievements into real social productive forces. In the context of globalization, in order to meet the diverse needs of fashion culture industry for models, the talent training of fashion performance specialty also needs to make corresponding reforms to create more high-level applicable talents that can promote the development of fashion culture industry. Based on the training goal of fashion performance talents, this paper discusses and analyzes the social training needs and reform ideas of fashion performance talents.


Clothing performance, Internationalization, Personnel training