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Chorus Development Model in Modern Education

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.019


Zhou Ying

Corresponding Author

Zhou Ying


Looking at the development of music history, the development of choral art has a long history. Compared with other traditional music disciplines, choral art has a relatively weak teaching foundation and limited teaching resources and means. Chorus is the highest expression form of vocal music art, with rich expressive force, appeal and broad scope of expression. It is an artistic form with extremely high aesthetic value and higher aesthetic connotation. Many colleges and universities actively carry out art education, the purpose of which is to cultivate students' artistic accomplishment, improve students' artistic taste, and further improve the level of quality education. Chorus education has increasingly become an important form of music education. It can express students' thoughts and emotions, and also can stimulate students' emotional resonance, so as to greatly improve students' artistic realm. Based on modern education conditions, this paper studies the innovative teaching methods of chorus art. In this process, teachers are the organizers and participants of teaching activities.


Chorus art, Modern education, Aesthetic value