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Study on the Evaluation and Application of Servqual Model on Higher Vocational Tourism Management Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.015


Yanxin Bi, Ping Yang, Shu Tan

Corresponding Author

Yanxin Bi


The evaluation of tourism management professional teaching can be carried out with the help of the service quality gap model (SERVQUAL model), and the research related to the nature of the tourism management professional itself, and the goals of higher vocational education. On the basis of explaining the theoretical content of the SERVQUAL model, this thesis designs a questionnaire applied to the evaluation of tourism management in higher vocational colleges. The second and third grade students taught by the author are used as the target of the survey. Based on the factor analysis method, public factors were extracted from the evaluation variable indicators, and it was found that the quality of the evaluation of the teaching of tourism management major in higher vocational education mainly highlights the credibility, responsiveness, empathy, reliability, and tangibility.


Servqual model, Higher vocational education, Tourism management, Teaching, Evaluation application