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Comparison of Parents' Image in Primary School Chinese Reading Textbooks

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.014


Zhang Yisheng

Corresponding Author

Zhang Yisheng


Textbook culture nurtured in social culture is an important carrier of social culture inheritance and innovation. As a typical representative of the socially recognized figure of parents, parental figures in primary school Chinese reading materials has a leading role in forming a correct parental concept and identifying self-gender roles for children. Statistical comparison of the frequency of parental figures appearing in the reading section of the 2005 version of the primary school Chinese textbook, the number of primary and secondary roles, the occupational characteristics, and the number of parents in the illustration, their shape of the posture, their dressing, and their social characteristics, shows that the number of parents in this edition of the textbook is generally equal, gender bias is still widespread, and it faces the historical challenge of shaping students with a world vision.


Primary school Chinese reading materials, Parental figure, Comparison, Quantitative statistics