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Research on Group Cooperative Learning Practice of College English Teaching Based on Network Multimedia

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DOI: 10.25236/ietrc.2020.007


Ting Xu

Corresponding Author

Ting Xu


Under the influence of reform and opening up, China’s economy and society are developing rapidly, and all walks of life are facing different opportunities and challenges. Higher education as a leader in China ’s education industry undoubtedly plays a pivotal role. With the progress and development of society, the demand for high-tech talents has risen sharply. As a compulsory course for higher education in China, college English courses are the responsibility of cultivating qualified talents to meet the needs of the new era. Therefore, the reform of college English classroom teaching in this situation is deepened, reformed and improved. As a teaching mode, group cooperative learning is a more successful teaching mode that effectively guides students' English learning and improves their learning interest in theoretical research and practical exploration. In the cooperative learning teaching mode, students can not only learn together and make progress together in cooperation and discussion, but also cultivate students' sense of cooperation, skills and spirit. In this process, it not only promotes the interest and self-confidence of college students in learning English, but also teaches them how to seek cooperation in the fierce social competition in the future in order to win-win and share.


Group cooperative learning, College english teaching, Network multimedia