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Research on the Application Value of Sports Video Analysis Technology in Ice and Snow Sports Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/icme.2019.127


Junming Xu, Qinwei Wang, Shangbin Li

Corresponding Author

Qinwei Wang


The movement video analysis technology is the data tracking technology that is developed through the comprehensive data analysis. During the process of motion tracking research and development, we should pay attention to the analysis of computer data collection and do a good job of data conversion and technical application. In winter snow and ice sports, the application of video sports technology can effectively improve the analysis of athletes' data movements, accurately judge the actual image standards, strengthen the analysis of precise guiding ideas and improve the application of snow and ice sports teaching technology. This paper will study the standards of sports video data analysis and analyze the value model of implementing effective technology teaching application in snow and ice sports.


Sports video; Ice and snow sports; Application