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Priority and Sensitivity Analysis of Failure Mode Improvement of Mechanical System

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DOI: 10.25236/icme.2019.126


Dingke Shi, Fang Limei, Xu Qi and Xu Yuangen

Corresponding Author

Dingke Shi


Failure mode is an analysis method used to determine potential failure modes and their causes. Specifically, through the implementation of FMEA, the weaknesses of the product can be found before the product design or production process is truly realized, and the product defects can be determined at the prototype stage or before mass production. FMEA is the first set of analysis mode formed by NASA. FMEA is a practical method to solve problems, which can be applied to many engineering fields. At present, many automobile manufacturers and electronic manufacturing service providers (EMS) in the world have adopted this mode to manage and monitor the design and production process. In the product design stage and process design stage, it is a systematic activity to analyze each process one by one, find out all potential failure modes, analyze their possible consequences and take necessary measures in advance to improve product quality and reliability.


Mechanical system; improve; analysis; failure mode