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Discussion on the Method of Detecting the Status of Automatic Instrument Equipment

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DOI: 10.25236/icme.2019.122


Limei Fang, Yuangen Xu, Wangliujing and Wang Lin

Corresponding Author

Limei Fang


Nowadays, people's demand for industrial products is increasing while the demand for quality is also higher, so each enterprise is changing the traditional manual operation equipment into automatic equipment so that the production capacity and product quality can meet the current social demand. Automatic instrument and equipment status detection can ensure the safety and normal operation of the equipment to the maximum extent. First of all, the device can determine whether there is a problem through self-diagnosis, and then the detection system needs to use PLC system or DCS system to complete the comprehensive analysis of the data. Then, the automatic point inspection system will track the equipment in real time and analyze the processing method.


Automatic Instrumentation; Equipment status; Self-diagnosis; Automatic check