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Research on embedded Mobile Video Surveillance Service system

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DOI: 10.25236/icme.2019.116


Gao Yunhui, Suo Xiangfeng and Li Yan

Corresponding Author

Gao Yunhui


in the analysis of mobile end-user video surveillance service, it is necessary to pay attention to the system application of video surveillance service media under protocol wireless network according to the effective three-terminal mode plan. Through the analysis of system mode, the protocol component standard under hardware compression function is adjusted, the fusion of embedded service and the application of embedded system are paid attention to, through the operation of open source media library, the planning of TCP//RTCP protocol is paid attention to, and the actual problems are analyzed, and the control standard mode of bitter war platform is studied. In the development of communication technology, wireless communication has become the preferred method of video surveillance. According to the operation mode of smart phone, we should pay attention to the remote monitoring management of intelligent terminal service, combine the monitoring data mode, adjust the information query of mobile phone terminal, and monitor the field analysis. Through the analysis of the service requirements of mobile media stream, the standardization of communication technology network is promoted step by step, and the development process and the application of technology mode are adjusted step by step. Through the custom standard analysis of 3GP data information, combined with the related mobile media stream, the related standardized applications are implemented. The embedded video digital monitoring system is used to construct the small system geometry with compression function, to strengthen the comprehensive application of network link, real-time operation, stability and reliability, to improve the accurate operation of digital monitoring video, to perfect the comprehensive application of data communication, and to clarify the specification of 3GP system and the promotion of digital mobile video surveillance service mode.


Embedded; mobile video; surveillance service