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Application Research of Real Scene Modeling Technology based on UAV(unmanned aerial vehicle)

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DOI: 10.25236/icme.2019.115


Liu Jing, Chen Yajuan, Li Chao

Corresponding Author

Liu Jing


With the rapid development of modern science and technology in China, the technology of remote sensing transmission of real scene shooting by UAV has been widely applied and the technology has been continuously mature. UAV can realize flexible, light, fast and high-altitude operation. Moreover, UAV can apply real scene modeling technology to integrate the shooting content and realize accurate modeling of real scene to be shot through remote sensing mapping, which can meet the overall application standard requirements of technology. This paper will analyze the remote sensing mapping and modeling technology of UAV, study the advantages and disadvantages of real scene modeling technology of UAV as well as the extended application mode operation of real scene data modeling and ground channel fusion in order to continuously strengthen the comprehensive construction level of real scene modeling of UAV technology. With the improvement of people's overall living standards, urbanization is developing rapidly. In the face of various construction needs, effective engineering construction needs to be implemented in combination with different actual geographical conditions. Before engineering construction and design, it is necessary to carry out effective real scene shooting for specific regional conditions, obtain parameter protective equipment through real scene shooting and model according to parameter data to facilitate design investigation and research of engineering modeling and mapping work. According to engineering modeling technical standards, we should strengthen the modeling research of real technology, obtain accurate data, remote sensing test specific indexes and improve the technical operation standards and application patterns of UAV from the overall state level of technical modeling.


UAV; Real modeling; Application