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Review of Research on Proxy Re-encryption Based on Identity

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DOI: 10.25236/icme.2019.113


Pingshu Wang

Corresponding Author

Pingshu Wang


The development of cryptography and informatics has laid the foundation for the development of modern network technology. Up to now, the field of information security has been the focus of current research. Among them, the proxy re-encryption system has always been a hot spot of research in related fields. It transforms ciphertext through a kind of semi-trusted agent as the intermediary, and in the process of ciphertext transformation, the agent needs to re-encrypt the secret key and does not obtain the relevant plaintext information. At present, due to the increasing attacks on secret keys, strengthening the security of secret keys isolation has become the focus of researchers. Therefore, this paper studies the identity-based proxy heavy encryption and related applications and has obtained some research results. The field of information security has increasingly become the focus of current research, among which the agent heavy encryption system is one of the research hot spots. In the traditional proxy re-encryption, the agent can apply the secret key to transform the ciphertext information, which also increases the possibility of information disclosure. How to deal with this challenge has become the focus of current research. Therefore, research on identity-based proxy re-encryption has become a new direction of research. The identity-based proxy re-encryption scheme is an important extension of the traditional PRE scheme, which reduces the management of public key certificates and is more suitable for practical applications. However, the IB - PRE scheme cannot take into account multiple advantages, since the security and multiple functions cannot be realized perfectly.


Re-encryption; Secret key; Identity; Research