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Research on the Effect of Tomato Straw Returning on the Soil Micro Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/icme.2019.108


HAO Shuqin, SHU Jing, DUAN Xi and YANG Jinghan

Corresponding Author

HAO Shuqin


With the disadvantages of traditional crop cultivation methods, such as chemical fertilizer, and the environmental problems caused by crop straw treatment, it is of great significance to study the effects of tomato straw returning directly to the field and compost returning to the field on the soil micro environment of cucumber. In this paper, the function and effect of returning tomato straw to the field were verified by comparative test. The results showed that returning crop straw and stubble to the field was an effective measure of soil organic fertilization.


Soil Micro Environment; Tomato Straw Returning; Bacterial Fertilizer