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Design and Analysis of Indoor Mobile Robot Positioning Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/icme.2019.101


Jiang Dongqing and Dai Chunxiang

Corresponding Author

Jiang Dongqing


In the field of mobile robot technology research, positioning technology is one of the core technologies, so it has been widely concerned in the field of industry. Due to the limitation of space, indoor mobile robots often have a high demand for their own position confirmation in the process of operation. Therefore, exploration based on positioning technology is very important for the further development of indoor mobile robots. Based on the research on the positioning technology of wheeled indoor mobile robot, this paper will make an effective evaluation on the future development direction of indoor mobile robot technology. Along with the great increase of science and technology, now indoor mobile robot also gradually has been entering people's field of vision and gradually into people's life. In order to let indoor mobile robot to complete more intelligent work and bring great convenience for people, now the indoor mobile robot technology has also witnessed continuously rapid development towards the direction of the matured. Among them, indoor positioning and navigation of indoor mobile robot have become the core direction of its technological development in the next stage. With the in-depth application of positioning technology, indoor mobile robot can realize more accurate enhancement of relevant intelligent services.


Indoor mobile robot; Positioning technology; Design analysis