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Analysis on Transfer Form and Design Countermeasure of Metro Elevated Station

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DOI: 10.25236/icme.2019.100


Liu Junhou

Corresponding Author

Liu Junhou


Research purposes: In order to improve the overall transfer efficiency of subway viaduct, it is necessary to study the transfer form and design countermeasures of subway viaduct, and explain the design principles and control factors of subway viaduct. Combined with the design examples of Phase II Water flow Road Station and Line 10 Water flow Road Station of Xian Metro Line 3, this paper briefly analyzes, designs at the same time, implements at the same time, reasonably arranges the functional division of the station, and makes a systematic analysis of the transfer mode in combination with the surrounding environment and the overall layout. Research conclusions: (1) Based on the design principle of the overhead station, the overall transfer efficiency of the metro station and the comfort of the passenger are analyzed. (2) The design concept and the transfer mode of the subway station are analyzed from the aspects of planning layout, station selection, streamline organization and structure adaptability. (3) The layout of the construction of the metro shall be based on the requirements of the bus, and shall be in accordance with the smooth and rapid transit of the passenger flow, and the transfer is convenient. (4) It is of great reference value to the synchronous implementation of the elevated station in the design of the layout mode in the same period of the three-line phase-II water-flow station and the 10-line water-flow path station.


Elevated station; Island transfer; Channel transfer; Transfer node