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Optimization and Application of Intelligent Data Acquisition and Alarm System Based on Internet of Things

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DOI: 10.25236/icme.2019.099


Zheng Fuyan and Zheng Baomin

Corresponding Author

Zheng Fuyan


In the analysis of intelligent data collection mode of the Internet of things, according to the optimization mode of integrated collection system, the Internet of things with high standards, high performance and high expansion is constructed to expand the application of intelligent data collection mode. Through data monitoring and data collection, the expansion of thinking design mode is effectively implemented to strengthen the application of intelligent technology of the Internet of things. Through effective analysis of data monitoring system mode, control standards under monitoring management can be adjusted, deployment elements of intelligent terminal equipment can be clarified, and the implementation and expansion of work efficiency and safety standards can be continuously strengthened according to the requirements of working mode. Focusing on the optimization of integrated Internet of things technology, this paper will explore the acquisition and analysis of intelligent data mode and alarm system of the Internet of things so as to combine the Internet of things model to expand applications and improve management and control.


Internet of Things; data acquisition; alarm system