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Design Analysis of Natural Lighting and Ventilation of Underground Garage

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DOI: 10.25236/icme.2019.096


Yu qingli

Corresponding Author

Yu qingli


In the analysis of the lighting and ventilation design mode of the underground garage, it is necessary to take the natural green environmental protection standard design as the main thought and pay attention to the influence of lighting on the car. According to the data simulation method and the overall design scheme standard, the specific range of numerical simulation standard is determined. Through the analysis of airflow change, distribution mode, air volume, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide concentration ratio level of underground garage, we can determine the actual ventilation design standards of underground garage and value more on the implementation of natural lighting and ventilation design scheme under green building mode. This paper analyzes the practical natural lighting application design method of green building underground garage, combines the development of green building and building energy saving, lays emphasis on the ventilation and sewage effect of underground garage, strengthens the reasonable allocation and application of the overall lighting and ventilation of underground garage and finally clarifies the operation standard and design effect.


Underground garage; Natural lighting; Design