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Research on the Optimal Deployment and Scheduling Strategy of Big Data Application in Cloud Computing platform

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DOI: 10.25236/icme.2019.081


Lu Lihua

Corresponding Author

Lu Lihua


With the progress and development of science and technology and society, all walks of life in China have started to actively apply big data. Big data has become the most important part and plays an indispensable role in the development of today's society. In recent years, in the application of big data based on cloud computing platform, the flexibility of big data has been fully reflected in the resource allocation. At the same time, in the actual application of big data, cloud computing platform can make corresponding reflection based on the requirements of big data for relevant platforms. Moreover, the charging behavior based on cloud service will be carried out in accordance with the actual demand. For users in today's era, this is completely in line with their consumption pattern, especially for small and medium-sized users in today's market. The advantages and characteristics of this applicable business are particularly prominent. However, in the application process of big data technology based on cloud computing platform, there are still some problems that need our attention. This paper makes an in-depth discussion on the performance of big data in the cloud computing platform to make a brief analysis on the optimization deployment and scheduling strategy of big data application in the cloud computing platform.


Big Data; Optimized Deployment; Scheduling Policy