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Design and Implementation of Search Engine Based on JAVA Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/i3ca.2017.15


Yanyan Yang

Corresponding Author

Yanyan Yang


Search engine that the Internet information retrieval system, the use of search engines can search in the network, crawling a lot of information, and its intelligent extraction, quality analysis, indexing, loading index database, and then according to the user's query request in a certain algorithm support from the index data to find information, and finally return to include all the matching keywords of the page. Search engines make a variety of special algorithms involved in the process to correlate the degree of information to the client in the order from high to low. JAVA technology innovation for the development of search engines has brought new impetus to promote a higher level of development. This paper puts forward the design and implementation of search engine based on JAVA technology.


Search Engine, JAVA, System Design.