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The Innovative Research of Graphene Composite Fiber Fabric in Functional Fashion

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DOI: 10.25236/icme.2019.075


Qiong Wu, Aizhen Li and Guangze Zheng

Corresponding Author

Aizhen Li


Graphene has attracted the attention of researchers in many fields as a new type of nanomaterial. Among them, the "light application" combined with fashion design is a new research direction in the field of development and design in functional fashion. Through sorting and summarizing the characteristics of graphene composite fiber (GCF) fabrics, this study further proposes innovative application proposals of GCF in the design of functional fashion products. At the same time, it puts forward the development status and trend prospect of functional fashion which integrates practicality, innovation and other aspects in the current environment.


Graphene; Composite fiber; Functional; Fashion design