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Research on Data Analysis Method Based on Open Sharing

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DOI: 10.25236/icme.2019.067


Ran Ran, Dapeng Zhou, Jue Bo and Xiaoqiang Liu

Corresponding Author

Ran Ran


Through real-time forwarding of source messages at control system and entire network collection, real-time data platform for grid control truly realizes single-point data collection and network-wide sharing of real-time data under automatic synchronization and maintenance-free based on entire network model, which improves real-time performance as well as operation and maintenance efficiency of entire network in real-time data collection, provides real-time, comprehensive and accurate cross-network real-time data and state estimation data sections for advanced analysis and application of control cloud and new generation control system, and offers strong data support for improving accuracy of application-level analysis results.


Grid data regulation; system source message; data single point collection