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Research and Application based on the Condition Monitoring Device for Drop -out Fuse

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DOI: 10.25236/icme.2019.063


Shenglong Qi, Mingyu Huang, Zhang Jian, Zhengong Sun, xiang Lu, Fang Wang

Corresponding Author

Shenglong Qi


This article is aimed at the technical bottlenecks of the existing drop fuse monitoring technology. Based on a full investigation and a lot of literature, based on the characteristics of the drop fuse after a failure, it combines modern methods such as wireless communication and mobile phone SMS to cooperate with the corresponding Failure research and judgment strategy, design and development of a set of drop-line fuse status online intelligent monitoring system. It has the characteristics of being easy to install on old equipment and supporting platform management. It can provide users with a variety of means to obtain operating conditions information of the distribution network, thereby effectively reducing the difficulty of troubleshooting, shortening the time for power supply recovery, and reducing power operation. Labor intensity of Uyghur people.


Drop-out fuse; Intelligent monitoring; Non-contact; Troubleshooting