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Design of a Dual Cam and Incomplete Gear Transmission Mechanism

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DOI: 10.25236/icme.2019.060


Nari Si

Corresponding Author

Nari Si


From the main classification of incomplete gears, incomplete gears belong to an important formation of full gears, and belong to a special type of gear in its composition structure. From the analysis, it can be seen that from the perspective of the structure of the incomplete gear, there is a case where the gear circumference does not have gear teeth. In the field of industrial applications, an incomplete gear is generally a gear structure that is processed by a full gear and then processed twice. In terms of characteristics, incomplete gears have unique characteristics in terms of the number of teeth and layout. This feature can ensure that they can have better application scenarios in industrial sites, especially compared with other mechanisms, incomplete gears can It has high efficiency and compact structure, and is widely used in industrial machinery structures. In view of the application advantages and application scenarios of incomplete gears. This paper analyzes the characteristics of the incomplete gear mechanism and the laws of motion, designs a transmission structure based on the combination of dual cams and incomplete gears, and analyzes the structural characteristics and basic principles of motion. Finally, the transmission mechanism proposed in this paper the basic advantages are analyzed.


Incomplete gear; Double cam; transmission; Structural design