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Research on the Application of Popular Science Creation System Based on Debris Flow Animation Reappearance in the Teaching Reform of Design Undergraduate Course

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DOI: 10.25236/icme.2019.059


Cheng Di and Xiaohan Wang

Corresponding Author

Cheng Di


The animation of debris flow objectively reflects the movement trend of debris flow fluid in geological disasters, which is of great research value At the same time, as a popular science creation system of digital media, its value in education and teaching is immeasurable. Based on the technical principle of debris flow animation, this paper discusses the research role of popular science creation system in digital media teaching, and discusses the development trend of design education , analyze our current teaching problems, analyze the influence of social background and other factors. This paper attempts to take the domestic advanced teaching mode of design as a reference and apply it to the undergraduate teaching of design.


Debris Flow Animation; Science Popularization Creation System; Teaching Reform