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The Analysis of Numerical Simulation Method for Convection Heat Transfer of Water under Complex and Supercritical Conditions

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DOI: 10.25236/icme.2019.055


Jun Li, Xusheng Zhai, Gang Li and Ping Xie

Corresponding Author

Jun Li


Taking the convective heat transfer process of supercritical water in vertical tubes as the research object, the effects of different turbulence models on numerical simulation, the reliability of calculation results, the accuracy of numerical simulation under complex conditions, and the characteristics of heat transfer in tubes were studied. In this paper, a turbulence model with high calculation accuracy is selected to numerically simulate the flow and heat transfer of water in a vertical pipe under complicated working conditions. The calculation results are compared with the existing experimental data, and the calculation results of the turbulence model under complicated conditions are analyzed. Extract the axial and radial physical properties parameters, and study its influence on heat transfer by analyzing its variation law, compared with the research of heat transfer characteristics in the tube; there will be obvious temperature gradients in the tube heat transfer, so the axial and vertical temperature are extracted The cloud map analyzes the change law of the temperature field and finds its effect on the flow and heat transfer in the tube.


Supercritical; Convective heat transfer; Numerical Simulation; Turbulence model