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Research on Visual Language of New Media Graphic Design

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DOI: 10.25236/icme.2019.052


Chunhu Shi

Corresponding Author

Chunhu Shi


With the development of software and hardware technology, new media graphic design lags behind the research of design practice in the field of theoretical research under the condition of the combination of new media technology and graphic design. Many related works and researches are mostly focused on the application of design software and technology. Many designers stay on the grandstanding of technology and technology, and the design works have no taste and expression way too much emphasis on technology, so art vocabulary is not professional enough. Through the study of new media and graphic design visual language, this paper is conducive to the realization of more effective visual information dissemination, and promote the overall development of graphic design theory and practice, which has a certain practical significance.


Visual Language; New Media; Graphic Design; Communication Characteristics