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Reliability Analysis of Electrical Automation Control Equipment in Hydropower Plant

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DOI: 10.25236/icme.2019.047


Ling Wang

Corresponding Author

Ling Wang


With the rapid development of the national economy, in order to make the industry adapt to the speed of development, equipment update is every industry must choose. Hydropower industry is an important industry in China, which occupies an important position in national power transmission. In order to adapt to the reality of social progress and high demand for electricity, the existing hydropower plant related equipment must gradually be replaced by electrical automation control equipment. Electrical automation control equipment can be set in advance in a good environment to complete the task of manual input, can greatly improve the relevant work efficiency, can improve the competitiveness of the hydropower plant itself, to ensure that the hydropower plant to maintain good economic benefits. This paper deeply analyzes the reliability of electrical automation control equipment in hydropower plant, including the detection method of equipment reliability and the existing problems of automation control equipment reliability to improve the automation reliability strategy. It is not only beneficial to the sustainable development of hydropower plants, but also provides some theoretical guidance for the future research.


Hydropower Plant; Automatic Control Equipment; Reliability Analysis; Problems and Strategies