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Stability Analysis of Heavy Hoist Frame Based on Numerical Simulation

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DOI: 10.25236/icme.2019.045


Kunpeng Sun, Yuefang Luo and Lihong Yang

Corresponding Author

Lihong Yang


Heavy hoist is commonly used in coal mine, heavy industry and other production transmission equipment, its stability also directly affects the safety and efficiency of production process, and the stability of the rack is the decisive factor of the stability of heavy hoist. This paper takes the rack of heavy hoist as the research object, based on ANSYS Workbench finite element analysis platform. Static analysis and modal analysis are carried out. Through static analysis, the maximum deformation and stress of the frame under normal working conditions are 0.48 mm and 103.64 MPa, respectively, which meet the requirements. Through modal analysis, the vibration frequencies and modes of the first six modes of the frame are obtained. The vibration of the first three modes of the frame is concentrated, and the corresponding motor speed is 1188-1739.4r/min under the interference frequency. In the use process, the motor speed in this range should be avoided. Through the analysis, this paper evaluates the stability of the heavy hoist frame effectively, and puts forward a reasonable optimization scheme based on the analysis results, which provides a theoretical basis for the optimization design.


Heavy Hoist; Static Analysis; Modal Analysis