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Fault Location of Transformer Excitation Short Circuit Based on Asymmetry

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DOI: 10.25236/icme.2019.043


Sheng Chun, Yanfeng Liu, Xusheng Wang and Xin Liu

Corresponding Author

Sheng Chun


Based on electromagnetic coupling mechanism of transformer, changing characteristics of key excitation parameters are studied in this paper. Moreover, asymmetric characteristic model based on excitation parameters is established first, and then characteristics of excitation parameters are identified with principle of time-domain difference. Besides it, identification equation of excitation parameters for three-phase transformer is derived as well. What’s more, under different DC disturbances and inter-turn short-circuit conditions with different voltage levels, electromagnetic characteristics of transformer are simulated and analyzed with the help of electromagnetic coupling method. Then, excitation current is used to characterize different abnormal states of transformer to so that fault location can be analyzed. Finally, simulation analysis results verify validity of identification characteristics of excitation parameter and accuracy of fault location analysis in excitation characteristics.


Asymmetry; transformer short circuit; fault location