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Development and Application of Multi-dimensional Perception-based Integrated Monitoring System for Pole Group Towers

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DOI: 10.25236/icme.2019.042


Hongli Liu, Nan Li, Ye Zhao, Liyun Zhang and Xuetao Zhou

Corresponding Author

Nan Li


The pole group tower is an important part of the power transmission and transformation project. This project is indispensable in the process of UHV AC power. However, there is a great safety risk in the work of holding towers, and the quality of the project is also affected by many factors. Aiming at the problems that have arisen, this paper proposes to construct a multi-dimensional perception-based integrated monitoring system for pole group towers. From the perspectives of cable tension measurement, inclination angle measurement, field wind speed measurement, wireless video surveillance, etc., a construction plan for an integrated monitoring system is proposed. Through practical application, the results show that the force error of the traction rope, support rope and outer cable is within 10%, which meets the project construction requirements.


Pole group tower; comprehensive monitoring; multi-dimensional perception