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The Design of Police Big Data Mining Model

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DOI: 10.25236/icme.2019.040


Qingguo Geng

Corresponding Author

Qingguo Geng


Big data, as a technological product of the information explosion era, has had a significant impact in all walks of life. The emergence and application of the Internet of Things technology has revolutionized the multi-angle, comprehensive, and in-depth collection of information, provided new channels for obtaining police intelligence, and resolved some blind spots in the construction of police intelligence sources. Effectively extend and expand the time and space for obtaining police intelligence. How to use the Internet of Things technology and big data analysis algorithms to improve the efficiency of case handling is one of the important topics of police analysis and research in various countries. This article conceives a set of police big data analysis models based on the Internet of Things technology, including data perception layer, data transmission layer. It is expected to be able to mine police intelligence from the massive, dynamic, and heterogeneous data of the Internet of Things in real time and efficiently, improve the correctness of police decisions, and better meet the needs of dynamic management and combating crime.


Internet of Things technology; big data analysis; police information; model design