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Using Informatization Technology Analysis of the History and Modern Development of Chinese Traditional Slingshot

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DOI: 10.25236/icme.2019.039


Yu Xue

Corresponding Author

Yu Xue


Traditional slingshot is a sport with a long history in China, which belongs to the category of shooting technology. It refers to a technique that has been launched with the carrier of slingshot. It is an important part of China's traditional sports culture. It is not only an item in China's martial arts, but also one of China's important intangible cultural heritages. The purpose of this paper is to explore and analyze the development trajectory of traditional slingshot in sports history and its functional positioning in historical evolution from the perspective of modernization and informatization, so as to better enable it to inherit and develop in the era of informatization. This article take the expert interview, logical analysis and literature query methods to analyze the the modern value of the sling operation in the information era, based on this, advances the slingshot surgery should be how to deploy and implement development programs with the help of information era, to change their own development key, enhance self-identity, start from the strengthening itself, to reveal their charm of Chinese traditional culture. The research results of this paper show that traditional slingshot still has strong vitality and attraction in today's information age. Constructing teaching base and training inheritors through information technology and means is not only an important part of inheriting excellent traditional culture, but also a key link of promoting national cultural confidence.


Information Means; Traditional Slingshot; Competitive Sports; Cultural Heritage